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  • Can you print more than 1 colour on the ribbons?
    Our Satin Ribbons can only be printed using one colour only.
  • Do all colours work on the ribbons?
    There is a wide choice of print colours, that can be selected, however it is recommended that you choose colours which have good contrasts, so that the text and images stand out and look pleasing. Choosing a dark colour ribbon and a dark print colour will not give you satisfactory results and will be a disappointed when you receive the ribbon. If you are not sure, email us and we will be happy to advise accordingly.
  • How long do you take to print?
    We normally despatch orders within 2 days, however we do offer an express service for urgent orders, which can be despatched the same day if ordered before our despatch cut-off time.
  • Can I add my logo to the printed ribbon?
    Yes, you can, we just need a good quality image, preferably a Jpeg or png or an illustrator file and our ribbon print team will organise the rest. This can be uploaded directly when you place the order, or you can email it to us with your order number for reference. If possible, a black and white image of the logo is preferable.
  • Do you charge extra for logos?
    On most occasions there is no charge for this. If one of our designers needs to spend time on creating or making your logo ready to print, there may be a charge, but we will inform you of this beforehand. A PDF of the print will be sent for approval prior to printing being commenced.
  • Can I use a font which is not on your list?
    Yes, that is possible. If you can send us the font file that you would like to use, we will endeavour to use this, however we will check to see that it prints well, as some fonts do not always work well due to the ribbon width selected. We will advise if an issue arises.
  • Why have I received a different shade variation of ribbon to my previous order?
    Despite constant restocking of our ribbons, batches can vary in colour from time to time. With this in mind, it is strongly recommended to order sufficient ribbon at one time to ensure the same batch is used.
  • Handling Care & Use of the Ribbon
    These satin ribbons are decorative ribbons, and special care should be taken when handling the ribbon. Damp, wet or sweaty hands may cause smudging of the print on the ribbon. Hand creams and moisturisers may also cause damage to the ribbon. Some print colours are more resilient than others. Simple designs offer higher resistance to smudging and lifting off, but extra care should be taken on fine text or logos
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